Friday 4 March 2016

Google Sites and Critical Thinking

At our MDTA digital immersion day we learnt about google sites. This was an exciting learning experience for me. I have been looking forward to learning about google sites because they are such an important tool for leading learning in our classroom.

Once we had the learnt some basics about google sites we created a page that presented a fairy tale for our learners in a multimodal way. This means that students could access the fairy tale in many modes including visual, written and audio forms.

The aim of this page is to provide a starting place for critical thinking. Here is an image of my Goldilocks site page.

Reflecting on what we discussed and created I have begun to think about how I can bring more critical thinking into our classroom.  How can I get children thinking critically about texts during guided reading? How can I get my children to look at stories from different perspectives? I am excited to see how the children in my class think about different perspectives and watch their depth of critical thinking develop.


  1. I particularly appreciated the visual perspectives you included for your learners about bears. You have scaffolded your learners so that even children struggling to read could be encouraged to consider different perspectives. I look forward to hearing about what you come up with this week for your reading groups.

  2. Thank you Dorothy. I think that visual images are a great tool for encouraging critical thinking at all ages but especially for struggling reader or little children. I have started to use critical questions during group lessons that encourage consideration of different perpesctives and I am find the children are really enjoying this.