Tuesday, 27 September 2022


It has been a strange few years for the children in my class but also for myself. We have noticed a widen of gaps in all curriculum areas. In order to address these gaps especially in maths I have been looking at simple things we can do each day to make mathematics facts more memorable. 

One way I have done this started early in term 2. Once the class were settled. We started doing some maths revision everyday. This was an opportunity not only for children to practice but to ask for help and for me to constantly assess their developing knowledge. 


Another way we did this was by creating some songs to help us. My intention was to make more of these but this term has been so busy and my focus has been spilt with time spent working on writing as a focus for my Manaiaklani Class Onair lessons and time spent focused on reading and reading fluency for this also. 

We are all at different stages with our knowledge and to help each other we are making dances to some cool songs we found online. 

First our teachers helped us to select some facts and songs to sing. 

We choose this song about bonds to 10 and this song about doubles

Then we worked in 3s and 4s to come up with some cool moves to help us stay fit and learn our maths facts. 

We hope you like our dance moves and would love a comment in you try it out in your class. 

Bonds to 10 




Friday, 16 September 2022

Creativity, Collaboration and Music

A huge part of my inquiry this year has shifted away from the elements of mathematics to the elements of collaboration and creativity. 

My hope is that by providing these activities for collaboration and creativity the children will be able to apply this learning across the curriculum. 

This lesson focused on building these skills and it was incredibly positive the way in which my class engaged with each others. 

Through this activity the children worked on expressing the values of our class as they see them in a song.