Saturday, 19 March 2016

A visit to Stonefields School

Today on our MDTA day we were privileged to be able to attend the Manaiakalani School Leaders Study Tour of Stonefields School. It was inspiring listening to Sarah Martin, the principal, discussing the schools learning process and how the School has a detailed language of learning the all children from year 0 to year 8 understand and use. It was even more inspiring discussing the children's learning with them and hearing this language from them.

This is the image the represents the Stonefields School learning process.
This image come from the school website to read about this learning process visit Stonefield Schools website.

During the day I attended workshops that discussed the Nuts and bolts of how things work at Stonefields School and a discussion on Modern learning environments. It was interesting listening to the leadership team at Stonefields discussing how they do thing and why and how their building support the learning. Throughout the day I was inspired by the builds, the people and the pedagogy of the school.

Now I have to take what I have observed and consider what this means for me in my class? I also need to consider how own non-purpose build space lends itself to modern learning practices and if we can use the space better?

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Create to Learn

Do you Remember when you were at preschool and everything you created was special to those around you?  Why does this change as we get older?

Today during our MDTA day we discuss creativity and how we can provide opportunities for our learners to create to learn.

I believe that creativity is a part of human nature. People love to create and creating is a great way to learn. It is interesting to consider how creativity is viewed in education and think about how we can promote the creativity of our learners. Sir Ken Robinson has some strong view on this and listening to him has given me a lot to consider, click on his name to view his ted talk entitled Do school kill creativity?

I believe that in our ever change world where new things a constantly being developed creativity is important to success. I aim, along with my co-teachers, to encourage creativity in my learners. Below are some examples of the things our learners have created.




Click on the names under the images to see the learners' blog. 

I believe that it is important that as educators we don't forget to provide opportunities for learners be creative and to create to learn.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

My 2016 Inquiry into Practice

This year PES (Pt England School) has a school wide inquiry focus on formative practice in reading/writing to improve students achievement. 

 After meeting with Juanita Garden (AP at Pt England School) to discuss the challenges for my learners in reading and writing I decided to focus my inquiry on how to scaffold vocabulary development and word decoding skills for struggling reader? I choose this focus because I had noticed that my learners often struggle with the same word multiple times in and across text as well as struggling to decode unknown or tricky words. 

 Below is a presentation that outline the problem of my learners, my inquiry focus and the first steps I will take in my inquiry. 

This is an exciting learning experience for me and if you have any advice I would love to hear it so please leave a comment.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Google Sites and Critical Thinking

At our MDTA digital immersion day we learnt about google sites. This was an exciting learning experience for me. I have been looking forward to learning about google sites because they are such an important tool for leading learning in our classroom.

Once we had the learnt some basics about google sites we created a page that presented a fairy tale for our learners in a multimodal way. This means that students could access the fairy tale in many modes including visual, written and audio forms.

The aim of this page is to provide a starting place for critical thinking. Here is an image of my Goldilocks site page.

Reflecting on what we discussed and created I have begun to think about how I can bring more critical thinking into our classroom.  How can I get children thinking critically about texts during guided reading? How can I get my children to look at stories from different perspectives? I am excited to see how the children in my class think about different perspectives and watch their depth of critical thinking develop.