Saturday 19 March 2016

A visit to Stonefields School

Today on our MDTA day we were privileged to be able to attend the Manaiakalani School Leaders Study Tour of Stonefields School. It was inspiring listening to Sarah Martin, the principal, discussing the schools learning process and how the School has a detailed language of learning the all children from year 0 to year 8 understand and use. It was even more inspiring discussing the children's learning with them and hearing this language from them.

This is the image the represents the Stonefields School learning process.
This image come from the school website to read about this learning process visit Stonefield Schools website.

During the day I attended workshops that discussed the Nuts and bolts of how things work at Stonefields School and a discussion on Modern learning environments. It was interesting listening to the leadership team at Stonefields discussing how they do thing and why and how their building support the learning. Throughout the day I was inspired by the builds, the people and the pedagogy of the school.

Now I have to take what I have observed and consider what this means for me in my class? I also need to consider how own non-purpose build space lends itself to modern learning practices and if we can use the space better?


  1. Wasn't it a great trip! It's great that you are considering what we saw and how it could apply to your own practice :)

  2. Thank you for your comment. I agree it was a wonderful.

  3. Clarelle, glad you got as much out of it as I did! I was just wondering, now that we are a couple of weeks on, have you managed to answer your final questions? Have you managed to use your space better?

    1. I think our space is working well. We have moved a few tables around but I think the biggest difference for me is the way I think about the space our after visiting Stonefields. I think about the space as more flexible.