Friday, 8 April 2016

Current Events Site

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You are welcome to use this site to lead learner. 

Creating a current events site has been an exciting and challenging experience. Over the last couple of  Friday MDTA days we have been creating a google site. The learning from this for me is two fold.

Site Building

I have been learning about google sites. I have been working in HTML to build and edit the the site layout and style. During this experience I found myself problem solving and making changes in the HTML. It was interesting looking at the different problems deciding the best way to fix them.

Critical thinking

The second part of this site development was thinking about the different perspectives that come out of the topic I had Chosen topic "Tuatara arriving at Kelly Tarlton's." It was interesting considering the different way to get children think critically about topic and provoke different points of view. 

I am excited to share my site and teach my lesson to my learners.
I look forward to post a reflection on my lesson next term. 

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