Saturday, 29 June 2019

Term 2 Inquiry Update

In Term 1 I collected and collated the achievement data for reading at writing for a sample of learners working at 1B and reading below green (reading age 6). I wanted to look at how the connection between reading and writing teaching could impact on progress for these learners. See this blog post for more details.

At the end of term 2 I tested the learners using PM running records and compared this to the data collected in term 1. What I found was that the data was very mixed however the girls have made more progress than the boys. However only 3 learners had made expected to significant shift 0.5-1 year.

You can see the raw data here.

What I also found was the learners may have not shifted in age level but had made shifts in their reading level. Two learners sadly went down in their levels and I have not yet been able to account for this.

I have also been looking at their writing and seen from written samples both in their writing books and created digitally that the volume of writing has increased.

In teachers reflective notes from myself and my co-teacher there are a number of notes that relate to learners increased focus and willingness to attempt new unknown words.

As a result of these findings it is clear that more changes need to be made. I am wondering if increased content gifting and reading to write might be the next steps in my inquiry.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Downloading work from the class site

We have been working so hard this year and the children in rooms 19 and 20 have become experts at downloading their work from the class site.

Taisha wanted to share how we download our work so other children can do it as well.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Auckland Regional Kahui Ako Hui Transitions

Today I have the wonderful opportunity to attend Auckland Regional Kahui Ako Hui. The day began with some statistics about the many CoL learning. It was interesting to hear how many CoLs have started up since the last Hui.

Cartoon,school,road,pedestrian crossing,traffic - free image from ...

ECE To Primary 

The teachers from
We all know that transitions are hard for children. Going from ECE to primary and primary to secondary. In order to reduce the fear and stress of transitions they used a Google form to collect information and inform further actions relating to transitions. This also allowed ECEs to provide additional information to make sure teacher, school and all people working with the child has all the health and welling being information for the child.

They also had information leaflets that were simpler layout and information of each school and these were place in ECE centres so families could connect with this information well before child come to the school.

They also created a site that had lots of information to support this transition and help parents. This included zones, class information and much more.

They also talked about families being confused about entry dates. So as a cluster they agreed on cluster entry times so they were the same for everyone. They want to strength teacher understanding by doing teacher swaps, between schools and ECEs.

Primary to Secondary

They used a similar approach with forms for teachers and students. They had teachers visit and student visits. They used videos to introduce the school, they had students create videos to introduce themselves to their teachers. The teachers then respond to these.

Now that they feel transitions are rocking, what next:
They talked about Hauroa focus for teachers, learners, whanau.