Friday, 29 July 2016


Sketchnoting is an exciting way of taking notes that involves using images, words and some from of structure to create graphic notes.

Here is a Sketchnote I created about what Sketchnoting is...

Here is a useful video that explains a bit more about Sketchnoting

I believe that Sketchnoting could be a exciting and creative way of taking notes, expressing ideas and sharing learning for learners of all ages.

In the future I would like to try:
-Sketchnoting our mathematical thinking.
-Sketchnoting to retell a story.
-Sketchnoting as a reading follow up.

Sharing with an Authentic Audience

This term our MDTA digital immersion days are focused on the Share. An important part of Share in Manaiakalani school is the importance of an Authentic Audience (People who choose to listen to you). In digital world people have choice they can click there mouse or swipe their screen or even change the TV channel. SO if they are choosing to read your blog post, watch your sports game, production or TV News.

Our learners having an Authentic Audience is an important part of our learning.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Teaching Reflection

I am now half way through my first year of teaching. Looking back and where I came from and forward to the the future I am reminded that I have had a great start to my journey but still have much to learn. Today we reflected and you can see a picture of my reflection below to see the reflection of all MDTA's click here.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

A visit to Glenbrae school: A little school with a HUGE heart

Visit Glenbrae School, I felt at home in the school and saw a community of learners, who were positive, inquisitive and engaged.

Our first visit was to Danni's class a year 7/8 class with very diverse learners. Watching the learners explore their own ideas and questions was awesome. I also found they were all willing to discuss what they were doing and engage with me in forming new questions.

We then moved into a year 5/6 class. It was amazing to see an experienced teacher bring her skills and her wide range of knowledge to the technology to engage and accelerate her learners. She has done an amazing job implementing the digital and was asking us for ideas and feedback. Her openness, calmness, energy and hard work was really great to see.

Thank you so much to Glenbrae School for having us to visit. I have learnt so much and loved visit this beautiful small school and seeing the love of learning.

Learning from others: A visit to Tamaki primary

Today we had the amazing opportunity to visit other schools and learn new and different ways of engaging and support learners.

Our first visit was to Tamaki Primary. We were very lucky to be able to visit Ashley's wonderful year 3/4 class. On this class learns were given an open end problem which in encouraged thinking about mathematical ideas. Today they focused on equal sharing. They were given an open ended problems,

A gang of cunning cats came across  an abandoned cat food truck. They made off with 48 tins of cat food. We don’t know how many cats there are , but we know that they  share their loot equally.   

How many tins might each cat have?

Learners worked mixed ability groups and used had material, paper and pens. There was a lot of discussion and some great ideas being shared including the the idea that if 2 cats get 24 tins each then 24 cats get 2 tins. It was really great seeing year 3/4 learners engaging with maths in such a detailed way.

I really enjoyed seeing this engagement and discussion around maths. I want to encourage more of this mathematical thinking by giving my learner open end problems.

During the visit we also went to some year 5/6 classes, it was lovely seeing the next step for my Learners. I saw some great example of building a positive classroom environment.

-With a class treaty

-Using story to discuss positive relationships

-Learner sharing who they are through art.

Thank you so much to Tamaki Primary for hosting us and allowing us to see there wonderful school in action.