Sunday, 3 July 2016

A visit to Glenbrae school: A little school with a HUGE heart

Visit Glenbrae School, I felt at home in the school and saw a community of learners, who were positive, inquisitive and engaged.

Our first visit was to Danni's class a year 7/8 class with very diverse learners. Watching the learners explore their own ideas and questions was awesome. I also found they were all willing to discuss what they were doing and engage with me in forming new questions.

We then moved into a year 5/6 class. It was amazing to see an experienced teacher bring her skills and her wide range of knowledge to the technology to engage and accelerate her learners. She has done an amazing job implementing the digital and was asking us for ideas and feedback. Her openness, calmness, energy and hard work was really great to see.

Thank you so much to Glenbrae School for having us to visit. I have learnt so much and loved visit this beautiful small school and seeing the love of learning.

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  1. Thank you Clarelle, I am so glad that you enjoyed your time at Glenbrae!