Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sharing Our Learning

Share is an important part of what we do in Manaiakalani schools. Having a real authentic audience is important for me as a teacher and for my learners.

Sharing my learning

Sharing my learning is important to me because it allows me to consolidate my thinking and gain feedback from other people all around the world. One place I share my learning is right here on my blog. Sharing here allows me to share my successes, get feedback to help me learn and collect all my learning in one place.

My learners Sharing their learning

When my learners share their learning they engage with a wider audience then just their teacher and their peers. Their learning can be seen by people all around the world. I have seen blogging support the engagement of learners and encourage them to complete work.

Here is an example of how my learners share their learning:

Benjamin's Reading activity 

The Impossible Bridge

We read the book to make the bridge.



Problem...The problem is that if the bridge is strong for the car that go on it.

What we did… What we did was made a bridge if it was strong with a car on it. And it was made out of cardboard ice-block sticks.

What we found out...What we found out was that the bridge was not strong it bent.                              


Problem...The problem is if the bridge is strong for the car to go on the bridge.

What we did...we cut the paper in half then we fold one of the paper back and front then we put the paper that was folded on a table then we get the paper that is  not folded then you put it on top of the paper is folded back and front and the car when on it and it didn't fall down.

What we found out...It was strong.

This example shows how Ben has read a book about bridges and then taken this learning and used it to build his own bridges and create reports on these bridges. The groups of boys completing this task maintaining engagement in the task and work together a communicating and working together. 

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  1. Thank you Clarelle for sharing both your learning and your leaner's learning. I love the create (make) whoops it didn't work - what went wrong? Was it my teaching or was this part of discovering something by the learners. Let's rethink, what might we do? Do I provide the ideas or do I see what the leaners come up with? Where to next? Always thinking, puzzling, grappling, prodding both you and the learners. In the meantime vocabulary in abundance!!