Sunday, 13 March 2016

Create to Learn

Do you Remember when you were at preschool and everything you created was special to those around you?  Why does this change as we get older?

Today during our MDTA day we discuss creativity and how we can provide opportunities for our learners to create to learn.

I believe that creativity is a part of human nature. People love to create and creating is a great way to learn. It is interesting to consider how creativity is viewed in education and think about how we can promote the creativity of our learners. Sir Ken Robinson has some strong view on this and listening to him has given me a lot to consider, click on his name to view his ted talk entitled Do school kill creativity?

I believe that in our ever change world where new things a constantly being developed creativity is important to success. I aim, along with my co-teachers, to encourage creativity in my learners. Below are some examples of the things our learners have created.




Click on the names under the images to see the learners' blog. 

I believe that it is important that as educators we don't forget to provide opportunities for learners be creative and to create to learn.


  1. Thanks for sharing your reflections about creativity and your fab learners' examples of this. Nice work on updating your blog too :)

  2. Thank you Dorothy. I have very creative learners' and I am excited to support them to create throughout the year.

  3. I agree Clarelle, sometimes I feel like we forget that the ECE curriculum is built around play and the value of play. Sometimes we get to school at 5 years old and somehow and for some reason we change the idea of learning, and think that children need to sit be quiet and read, when sometimes playing could be the best learning opportunity. I like how you have celebrated the students learning in the way it was offered to you, not in a particular way you wanted it. Student centred ftw!

    1. Hi Ashley, I think it is interesting to consider the what we define as learning and what we define as play and is there an overlap?
      I love these pieces of work and I love linking to my kids blogs.

      Thank you for you comment.

  4. I love this Clarelle, this post so simply explains the importance of creativity and allowing opportunities to be creative. I think it is wonderful you are showcasing some of your students' work.

    1. Thank you Georgia. I love showcasing my kids work and I am glad you enjoyed it.

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