Monday, 29 February 2016

Collaborative teaching - What it means to me.

Collaborative teaching for me is like an orchestra.

Instruments on their own are fine but put together they can make something amazing.

Over the last four weeks co-teach Helen and Zac I have learnt so much. I have learnt that some times we get out of tune or loose our place when reading the music of the the classroom. But other times we are in perfect harmony. If one of us is struggle to read the music of the classroom the others will help them.

Collaborative teaching is not one piece of music played over and over. It is ever changing. Our relationships with each other are changing as is the way we teach. In one moment we may be teaching as three teachers co-teaching a lesson. In other moments we may each be taking a workshops with different groups. Sometime we may even play a supporting role as one person leads the teaching.

We are still a new orchestra, still working out the timing and the tune but we are working together to do this. We have been working together for four weeks now which isn't a very long time when you really think about it. But we are  learning  together from each other as well as along side each other.

Just as an orchestra give you access to more music the just one instrument, Teaching collaboratively gives the children More experiences, More Knowledge, More opportunity, More teacher time (which causes more accelerations) and Most importantly More Love. 

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