Friday, 26 February 2016

Reading Follow up

One of the big questions I started the year with was How do I engage the top readers in my class in meaningful follow up activities?

Having this in mind I started these groups with a learning focus of linking books to personal experiences. Last week these groups read the article Just one wheel, this article is all about children unicycling. After the children had read this article and answered some questions about the text I challenged them to have a go. So during one of our reading sessions we went outside and used what we had learnt from the text and videos we had watch to give unicycling a go.

It was awesome watching the children enjoying unicycling. It was Interesting watching them make connections to the text as they attempted unicycling. One thing I noticed was that none of the children attempted to let go of the fence. I wonder if this was because the article said well you are learning hold the fence.

I also gave unicycling a go check out my video. As you can see I let go of the fence.....

And fell off the unicycle.

Once they had given unicycling a go I asked them to video a reflection of the experience. They were given specific questions to answer. This proved to be more of a challenge for some students then others.

Have a look at the awesome video reflections from these amazing learners.


Great work amazing learners.

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