Monday, 22 February 2016

Supporting Creativity

PENN Video

It is amazing what children can create when they are inspired and supported. Last week some of the children from my class were involved in creating our first PENN (Pt England News Network) movie. To scaffold the creation of the movie I showed the children the Easy Love video and then instructed them that they were to work in groups to create a short dance.

I wanted the children to have ownership over what they created so I did not give them moves but simply instructed them to take what they saw in the video and their own knowledge of dance and work together to create their own dance. I checked in with them regularly, helping to set goals for the creation of their dance, encouraging them and giving them a few pointers. By doing this it allowed the children to have ownership what they created and create something they were proud of.

It is amazing what children can do with positive support, encouragement and opportunities to create. I am so proud. Well done Easy Love Stars.


  1. Awesome video Clarelle! Its awesome to see students being creative without too much guidance. Its so hard not to interrupt and suggest things that you know will make it easier/faster/etc, and just let them learn for themselves. And well done for the movie editng skills haha :)

    1. Thank you Ashley. It was all the children they did amazing. I didn't film or edit this movie my awesome mentor Helen did that is why it looks so amazing. I was in charge of the behind the scenes getting the children ready for filming.