Friday, 21 May 2021

Student Voice

As part of my data collection, I sat down with 8 students from my target group to gain a better picture of their feelings about reading and what they saw as their strengths and needs. 

Below you will find their responses to a range of questions about reading. 

What was interesting about this data was: 
  • 7/8 students mentioned that they found words challenging with most making references to not knowing what they meant. 
  • All students shared positive view and attitudes towards reading. 
  • Most of the children talked about positive home reading experiences happening weekly with 2 making connections to special texts relating to their families. 
  • One student asked that I read to them more often, another stated she wanted me to explaining the words and text ideas in detail to them. Others mentioned helping them with word knowledge and breaking up words to understand them. 
What trends to I notice:
  1. Children have a positive attitude towards reading. 
  2. Children are aware that they have a challenge around vocabulary. 
What questions does this raise fro my inquiry: 
  • How can I use the childrens' positive attitudes to build vocabulary? 

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