Sunday, 23 May 2021

Collecting Data Picture Vocabulary

During my data collection phase I talked with my CoL colleagues and they suggested that will early data pointing towards a need in vocabulary some data on oral language might help to understand the challenges for students in their learning. 

For this task I asked students to tell me what they noticed in the picture in as much detail as they could. 

What I noticed:
  • Children trended to state what the could see with little or no descriptive language. 
  • Some descriptive words were used including, swirly, beautiful, colourful, windy. GL used the words old fashioned and asked questions. 
  • BJ talked about the thing that attracts internet. This was a good example of missing vocabulary. 
  • GA4 described things as big, short, colourful and beautiful. 
What questions do I have:
  1. How do I build the vocabulary needed to talk in detail?
  2. What vocabulary is most critical to help students read across the curriculum?
  3. How can I developed students ability to build vocabulary knowledge independently? 

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