Saturday, 29 May 2021

Professional Reading: Effective literacy practices years 1-4

This book discussed the idea of language development. It mentioned that children develop language overtime through the hearing of words. Exposure through listening, speaking and seeing are key parts of language development. 

As readers children use visual sources, the way in which the letters and words are group to understand new information.  

 "Fluent readers and writers draw on their prior knowledge and use all available sources of information simultaneously and usually unconsciously."  

  • This is the level of skill I want for the readers in my class. 
"Beginning readers and writers need to be taught to draw on these sources and to use them efficiently."
  • Students in my target group are currently moving from being beginning readers to become fluent readers however many are stuck drawing on all sources. 
  • Often they come to words that they have not encouraged orally. 
The texts suggest that a wide range if high interest text with explicit teaching and opportunities to speak and write are essential to moving from a beginning reader to a fluent reader and developing vocabulary.  

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