Friday, 23 February 2018

Vocabulary in Mathematics

Every teacher who teaches mathematics wants their learner to understand and connect with mathematical concepts and big ideas. 

As I think about this for my inquiry I am reflecting on the challenges that learners faces when it comes to engaging in mathematics and what I as a teacher can do to help them. 

This week I read a wonderful article called: The Language of Mathematics: The Importance of
Teaching and Learning Mathematical Vocabulary

It was by Paul J. Riccomini, Gregory W. Smith, Elizabeth M. Hughes & Karen M. Fries. 

The article discussed the significant role that vocabulary plays in supporting learners mathematical understanding and some of the challenges faced by students and teachers as we look at mathematical language in the classroom. 

-A stand out point for me was that mathematical language often has multiple meanings. If we take the word product for example in mathematics in mean the solution of a problem while in other contexts it can mean an item that is created and can be purchased. 

-We also must consider the many specific terms in mathematics and how we as teachers develop students understanding of these word. 

The article suggested a number of ways to support learners in developing Mathematics vocabulary and I have created an image to show this way. 

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