Thursday, 8 February 2018

CoL the journey begins together

Why are we here?


“Recognising and spreading sophisticated pedagogical practice across our community so that students learn in better and more powerful ways...”

What we noticed is that within all the CoL inquires was that there is a really need for development of language for our learners. This was NOT just in year 1 but across all levels and in all curriculum areas. Without language, connecting with the curriculum becomes extremely challenging for our learners. We also realised that learners are struggling to transfer this learning across subjects.

Language in abundance environments ‘drip’ with language availability

and attention, where noticing and relevant use of words allow for
deeper, wider, more specific and precise, context appropriate
language expression…leading to knowing at deeper and broader
Dr. Jannie Van Hees

So what can we do?

We must:
Conduct a mean as inquiry at your level/s in your subject/s
Language in Abundance is the lens
Share it really well
Help each other

Visit online/offline, debate, discuss, challenge, suggest

As we launch into this inquiry the most important thing that stands out for me is working together to tackle a current problem.

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