Thursday, 8 February 2018

Research building a full picture of teacher thought

Teachers knowledge is so powerful, it helps teachers build knowledge and provides opportunities to identify problems for learners and address them. 


...But we  don't often get the opportunity to learn together from inquiries and draw that knowledge together. We as a CoL can access each others knowledge and learn but it is harder to draw trends and understand what key way work for all diverse learners. This is because each inquiry focuses on the needs of one class or group of learners.

This is why we need researchers who can take the inquiries and develop an understanding of the big ideas, these can then be scaled and support all teachers. It is also about developing and understanding of how research is put in to practice. 

We need now to identify what approaches have worked in relation to the achievement challenges and make generalisations. This is what the wonderful researchers will do to support us and others. 

We as teachers need to support them by: 
  • Address an important, persistent learning challenge (from the Manaiakalani six)
  • Build your own knowledge around this challenge
  • Identify clear, research informed changes to practice likely to address the challenge
  • Collect detailed evidence about changes to the teaching
  • Collect detailed evidence about how students engaged with the changed teaching
  • Gather data about effects on student learning

We need to connect the student voice with the data. 

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