Thursday, 20 April 2017

GAFE Session Two

Session two- A-Z of lesser known Googley Goodness-Kimberley Hall

This session was full of great apps and ideas that are awesome for using for a range of things. 
We started the session by looking at Googlefeud which is like family feud but uses search results from google so think American when you play. 

My favourite things discussed. 
Androidify is a great you can made cute little character GIFs. Would be awesome for creating characters for a story.  

Google arts and culture allow you to explore art galleries around the world and zoom in on detail.  The world wonders section allows to walk along the great wall of China. Great way to get outside the classroom. 

Boomerang for email you can get emails send back to you. It even tells you how likely you are to get a reply. 

Chrome Experiments This is where new things that people are thinking about adding to chrome great for exploring cool things.

Quick, Draw This is a program that tries to guess what you are drawing.

Explore in google, You can use explore within the docs and slides using the explore function. In slides it will suggest slide layout. With sheets it will help you create charts and graph.

Geoguessr, This drops you in a random location on earth and you have to guess where you are based on the surrounds. Great way to teach problem solving. You can google things but there is no way to google the answer.

HelloSign for GMail Gmail extension that adds onto gmail allows you to sign things in your email.

CraftyRights Extension that makes sure you only get free to use images.

We always need music for movie making and here is a great was of getting free to use music. There is sometimes creative commons guy that means attribute which is the right thing to do anyway. Audio Library in YouTube.

MyMaps-This allows to to do loads of cool things with maps find the size of nz and find the percentages of other colours.

Piktochart- integrated into drive, for creating infographics.

Public Data- Data collects can be used for a range of purposes.

Rain Alarm- The extension tells you when rains is on the way great for making sure you are not outside when it rains.

The Great Suspender- Stops background activity on tabs that you are not currently on.

Great session, Wonderful ideas, Thank You so much for sharing Kimberley

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