Thursday, 20 April 2017

GAFE 2017- Opening Keynote

I am very excited for my first ever GAFE Summit in Auckland. This blog will document all of the great learning from this amazing event.

Opening Keynote: Iteration and Innovation in Education by Jaime Casap

"What we need more than anything in education is a culture of innovation and iteration in order to take new learning models supported and enabled by technology to create student focused learning environments structured to help empower our students to build lifelong learning knowledge, skills and abilities." Description from GAFE website

You can connect with Jaime Casap on twitter: @jcasap

Why do we care about education?
Around the world we believe education is important because it disrupts poverty! Jaime linked this to his personal experiences he said "I get to be here today because of education!" The experiences he has had he has because of education. This is true for me and many others, the education we have provided us with opportunities and experience that we can treasure. If you work hard and get your education you can do ANYTHING!

No matter how long you teach for if it is 2 years, 10 years or more you can impact generations. To impact students for years to come. With this impact we have we need to take sure we take education very seriously. We don't live in a world where we can prepare children to sit behind a desk and do the jobs that computers do now. We need to take the best of education and take it to the next level. What role does technology and computer science have?

We keep talking about preparing learners for the 21st century BUT we have learners that will be working in the 22nd century. In New Zealand and around the world computer science and technology are hug job areas and for this reason they are becoming more and more the focus of education.

Jaime explained that we have been talking about computer and technology in education. So what is different now? We now have research shows how technology can support learning. We can now do more, personalise because of technology.

Technology is a part of everything we do today. It wraps around everything we do. Have you used technology today? Well you must of because you are here. There was a time when it wasn't so easy to use the internet but the children we teach never knew that time. That is not to say they are wired differently they still do two things at the sametime poorly, They just think differently about education. These children learn by going out and learning they don't wait for someone teach them. Yes they learn mistakes and we have to work on that and really think about what this generation is facing.

The technology we have now is not even close to what is coming. Children these days can put glasses on and travel anywhere virtually. We can merge the real word with AI. What does this mean for these children? Robots are replacing jobs even driving will be taken over by robots.

Skills needed in a technology world:

The questions we use to ask don't make sense anymore, for example what do you want to do when you grow up?

WE should be asking what problem do we want to solve? & what do you need to know to solve this problem? Who can you connect with to help you solve this problem?

Iteration is a result of critical thinking-Feedback and feedback loops allow for critical thinking they are more important than grades.

Collaborations is how we solve real problems, in a real world we have to work together to innovate and to solve problems.

We need to teach children who are digital learners, who think critically about technology.

We therefore need a culture shift...How do we take educations to the next level? When need to need to memorize things and when is does information become a commodity. We need to ask questions that google can't answer give learners real world problems to solve.

You can start Google anywhere but it takes time! The future classroom is tomorrow, it is what we do in our classrooms. What we take away from others and use to create change and support problem solving. We are only at the beginning, 40% of the world are online. We are at an exciting time in education. For a 5 year old the greatest technology we have today will be the worst they see in their life. Do we have the right process in place to help them place that they are doing to need to thrive and build the skills to solve the problem of their world!


  1. How exciting to be there Clarelle and being part of such a world education changing event. I know you and Karen will do a great job in your presentations as you are both dedicated purveyors of change that encourages learning. Kia toa kia ngakau nui - be brave have courage! What great representatives you both are of MDTA.

    1. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. Our first session was great we had 30 people making Google Sites with us they had great ideas and made a really cool start on their sites. We have another session today which I am very excited about sharing what we do in our classrooms.

  2. Thanks for this Clarelle. I am unable to attend this year so am following your posts with great interest

    1. Thank you Dorothy, We are missing you hear but having a wonderful time. It is an awesome experience thank you for following my learning on my blog.