Thursday, 20 April 2017

GAFE- Session One

Experience a student-led classroom - today! Richard Wells

Share, Create, Critique- The idea of this session is to share and work together to create a resource that we can all use. 

The main reason we are in this session is that teachers work too hard, so let work out how we can get the learner to do the work.

Children must reflect on their own learning naturally and self-assessment.

What is the elephant in the room? The key word for educate is to negotiate, you must negotiate so that you avoid the elephant in the room.

To do with well we need to take a step back from the technology, like how do the children have a conversation.

Part of working in a student lead classroom is negotiating the rubric for the grading.

Richard Wells- has thinked the key competencies in terms of solo.
By Richard Wells 
If we think about Rugby as a design of learning, The coach is not on the field with the children they set the plays before hand and then let the game happen. How can we do this in the classroom?

We have created a google presentation Key Competencies

Computer games give feedback every 1.5seconds that is a small feedback loop. How can we make our feedback loop smaller?

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