Friday, 5 August 2016

Sharing learning and creating infographics

Today we had the opportunity to meet up with other teacher from around the cluster and think, talk and share the importance of sharing in our school, classes and professional development. We explored the importance of blogging to our learner. Below is an infographic that I created to show the data from my blog. 

I created this infographic in Canva which is a web based program that provides templates and examples. For my in my own classroom I would probably use google draw as the learner are familiar with it and it would be an easier starting place for them. Using Canva was a create experience I can see how infographics can make learning visible and ideas easy to explore in seconds. 


  1. I love this Clarelle! Simple, yet really effective. You have displayed a lot of information without overwhelming your infographic with too many words or information. Have you thought about why your explainer video is the most viewed post?

    1. Hi Georgia, I am glad you like the simplicity, I was worried it lack detail. My explainer video is only has 1 more view then my next post so I think it was just the day I checked. Thank you so much for your comment.