Thursday, 18 August 2016

Inquiry: What am I doing differently

My Inquiry has really made me think about my actions as a teacher.
What I have been doing for my struggling readers:
-We have been discussing what a good reader does. Moving  into term 3 I don't need to remind my learners of these ideas every time.
- I have been modelling fluency, I have moved to doing this in the group rather that in the follow up as learners were not using this.
-I continue to write up words on the board and have in-depth discussion around these words to develop a deeper understanding.

As I continue to think about my group, their needs and my actions, I have developed my next steps for my teaching and my learner.
So what next:
- I will  support the  learners to develop a deeper understand word ending, what they mean and the importance of reading the whole word. I will do this through  writing up words, playing word games and adding word ending to the follow up.
- I will give learners high frequency words to practice and use to to support their reading.

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