Friday, 26 August 2016

Cognitive and social skills

Wolf Fisher are not only looking at solely the academic needs of the learners to considering the develop of learners cognitive and social skills.

Consider if you will how we develop these skills?
The cognitive skills of critical literacy, argumentation and so on.
The social skills, such as self control, consider other perspective, communication and so on.

It was suggest that these skills can and have been mapped to achievement.

These skills can be taught in a specific outside of context program or within an authentic task, this may look like reflective prompts and school values that learners are taught to use and value.

These prompts might be:
Why do you think your friend thinks that way?
How can you judge the best evidence?
What can you do to make sure you don't get distracted?

There is evidence that these skill develop over time and online communication can support this.

Argumentation and taking a point of view is one key way to develop learners critical thinking and empathy.

A recent piece of research asked learners to take a position an article about the Taylor Swift coming to NZ and what effect that this might have had on the native birds.

Here are some examples of there answers:

What was learnt is that learners arguments are more emotive than anything else. There is skill a long way to go but we can develop these skills within our classroom program.

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