Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Reading about vocabulary.

Share three pieces of academic or professional reading and explain how they and other sources helped your form hypotheses about aspects of teaching that might contribute to current patterns of learning. (WFQ 7)
What every primary school teacher should know about vocabulary ...

Book: What every primary teacher should know about vocabulary, chapter 2 The nature of words. 

I read part of chapter two focusing on word frequency. 
What I learned from this section:
  • Having a estimate of the vocabulary size of the children is important. 
  • Knowing what words they need to know is important. 
  • Words are high frequency or low frequency in a text. 
  • Only seeing a word once and discussing it will not cause knowledge of a word
  • Children need repeated exposure to word to really know and understand them. 
  • Low frequency words can make understanding a text very challenging for learners. 
  • High frequency words must be learned before moving on to lower frequency words. 
  • Word family understanding can help children better understand words from root words, prefixes and suffixes. 
So what:
This book has so much in it I have to chunk it into very small parts to gain the value I need. From this section I have learned to think carefully about vocabulary. I adds to my understanding that the gaps in student knowledge may in fact relate to high frequency words/sight words. Will plugging these gaps cause the shift I want in reading? Is there more to this problem? What is the best way to teach sight words? Is it root, in context or some other way I am yet to think of? 

What is the best way to develop wider vocabulary knowledge in literacy? Are these learners ready for that? What will have the biggest impact now without effecting the current high levels of motivation? 

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  1. Hi Clarelle,
    This book looks great! I agree with you about the high frequency words - especially for ESOL learners. Did the book have any fun games for building low frequency vocab?