Monday, 29 June 2020

A gift for me and Room 21

This term I have had the wonderful privilege of working with Debbie, Karen, Aamel and  Lucy during their two week online practicum.

From the moment we first met on Google Meet I could tell they were a hard working bunch of ladies who were eager to learn all they could on their journey to becoming incredible teachers.

On Thursday the 25th of June at 2:35pm just after saying Good Afternoon to my outstanding year 3/4 class I open my emails and ran full of excitement to show my Co-Teacher what my student teacher had created.

In just two weeks they had clearly taken all we had talked about, looked closely at my class blog, the learners blogs and the curriculum and this had lead to a very special and exciting gift not only for myself but for the learners of Room 21.

This site aptly named Maths Fun, is a sequence of learning for the topic of position and orientation. From the moment I opened the first page I was filled with excitement for what the learning would look like in my classroom. Like I said to the training teachers "I am in love with what you have created!"

Here are the reasons why:
The home page has the cutest  introduction videos from each of them really letting the learners see who made this for them. 
The topic of the site is clearly introduced. 
They have used Kahoot, which they knew from discussion is engaging and exciting for my class. 
The topic is broken up into clear parts which would make up lessons or week long units. 

Each topic is engaging with awesome activities such as battleship, find the Pokemon (using the children's own creations), Movie making with positions and a Quiz about directions in our very own school. It is clear to see real thought has been put into this. 

I want to once again thank these wonderful training teachers for their hard work. I can't wait to test out this amazing site with my class and I am sure they will love it as much as I do. 

I will share how it goes later this week. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this Clarelle- what an opportunity for everyone involved!
    It looks like this has been a successful pilot for a whole new way of 'doing' ITE. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes in the terms ahead.

  2. Hi Clarelle, the site that the student teachers created looks great. What a fantastic opportunity for them and for your learners. Is it ok if I point a few students from Ako Hiko towards this site (and your holiday blogging site)?

    1. Hi Phil, thanks heaps it is great isn’t it. Yes that is fine. There is a new set of holiday blogging on my class site for this break. Have a great holiday. Clarelle