Thursday, 7 February 2019

DMIC 2019

The focus of our Discussion around DMiC today is looking at how we plan maths. We are using the Curriculum Elaborations and as a team create learning outcomes from theses larger ideas. Today we focused on statistics with the aim of creating pathway of learning outcomes coming from each team in the school. 

We focused on statistical investigation and worked to create learning outcomes that are measurable and doable. We need to be able to see these learning outcomes in what the students do, not what they are thinking. 

Level 2
Statistical investigation
S2-1: Conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle:

posing and answering questions
gathering, sorting, and displaying category and whole-number data
communicating findings based on the data.

We want to have a continuum of types of graph. For example at level 1 pictographs, level 2 building of pictographs with picture represents multiple objects, add bars graphs. By building up the knowledge of different graphs so that when the reach level 4 and even level 5 they have meaning knowledge of all graphs so they able to conduct robust statistical investigations.

Why? and So what?

By having this understanding of where kids start and where we need them to get to we can make sure each year builds on what they have already done so what each year is a stepping stone to new learning and they have all the knowledge they need by year 8 and we can send them off to high school with a sound knowledge that will set them up for life. 

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