Thursday, 21 February 2019

Connecting with families

This year I am focussing on visible and rewindable teaching and learning and making sure families, children and the wider community can easily connect with our learning in an important part of this

As part of this, I used the blog commenting template designed by Karen Belt in 2016 as part of her MIT inquiry. I made up a blogging card for the learners in our space to share with their families and so they can stay connect with our learning journey in 2019. It is great that we have these resources available to us as teachers from inquiry that were success full. 

Last night I check my email to find the one of the parents had already left and lovely comment on their sons blog as a result of having this card. This made it all worth it and I can't wait to see more commenting as we continue to share throughout the year. 

If you also want to get families commenting check out Karen Belt’s wonderful 2016 MIT project here.


  1. Outstanding. So great that you get instant feedback from your community. What wonderful people you have in your camp.

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I am so grateful to have so many amazing resources and people to draw on. I hope we can keep families coming back and commenting throughout the year.