Thursday, 26 July 2018

Col Meeting

As we launch into the second after of the year we must again consider what makes learning, teaching, children and teachers successful in education and life.

One of the things we need to remember is that one of the Pou that holds importance is that teachers and in fact I believes students should be evaluative. They are evaluative through evaluating ourselves, our practice and success based on the success of our learners.

As we learn it is important to remember that we are influences and we must with care and love support each other as teachers and inquiries to be great teacher, because great teachers make children learn.

What do we need in Term 3?
Term three is an amazing time as we are for the most part settled as a class and the pressures from wider school activities (Fiafia, production, School wide testing).

If it is not visible it failed. We are aiming to crank up learning this term and our Manaiakalani goal of visibility  is so important. It makes it possible for all Adults involved with a children to crank up learning together supporting a bigger shift for our beautiful learners who are pushing themselves as much as we push them in there learning.

We have been talking about Language and the importance of language. Language learning is at time taught in a boring way. We need to make learning exciting.

We must also remember that importance of the language of learning and the language of success. We have a large group of children who speak G.I Cheechee because their first language is not English, Tongan etc.

As we spend more time in this community we learn the language G.I Cheechee and then when we are tired you speak it to the kids. We must remember we need to build the language of success. One way is to repeat it back to them.

The cultural history of our children no so far back there is a history of language amounts of language being produced.

We know that to accelerate students need to:
-Finish work
-Get feedback
-Have scaffolding
-Have scaffolding removed and gain independence.

So how?
This is a question I always have and I want you to consider it with me. Russell talked about connecting language to the known environment. Do our kids know the correct word for the things they involve every day. It may be that there is a problem in the community that the learners can take charge of. Twice a week is the magic number. We need to make sure we see kids twice.

Blogging Twice a week in the the summer holidays show high gains, so we need to do this in our classrooms.

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