Friday, 27 July 2018

CoL Meeting Rebecca Jessen

Rebecca Jessen- Planning and predicting: THEORY is everything.

So far we have work alongside a number of people to develop Theories.
-What language learning is going to go on in their heads.
-What is going to happen in my classroom program to make the learning happen.
-What am I going to do.

If we consider Dolphins as the model for what we are doing as Inquiry. We can only see the Dolphins (Learning) when they pop out of the water. Our theories should allow us to know where the Dolphins will pop out. But we know in reality the Dolphins always pop out not where you expect them to.

Now is the time to lift the game on what is working. It is about looking at each children and revisiting the theory in relation to each child. Why did it work better for some learners then others.

You only know if something works in a particular situation is by TRYING it out. 


Where is the mismatch between what was planned and what actually happened. What did they kids think I did. 


What it boils down to: 
1  - Figure out the students’ strengths and needs 
2 - Use the existing research base to plan something different that is likely to use strengths to meet the need
3 -DO the different thing
4-Which engages the students in a different way of learning
5-Which results in learning.

I had a great discussion with Rebecca about what I am doing how it is work and what conflicts are happening for me in my inquiry. 
-We talked about stepping it up by making the activities more focused. 
-videoing and analysing discussion
-Planning more closely at the language. 
-Providing discussion scaffolds. 
- Providing texts that support mathematical language. 
-2 Week cycles of analysis. 

I have a lot of ramp up this term and I am so excited to Ramp it up and see what We (My learners, Myself and of course you). 

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