Thursday, 3 May 2018

Learn Ready

We have talked a lot this term already about what we want long term for the children we teach. We have to look at what they need to get a job and we believe that learn ready kids become employment ready adults.

We are seeing in our community more people going into employment and higher education. We have to remember that family makes a huge difference but so does school and we need to keep working reflecting and developing why we can make a difference.

The most recent PISA test of 15 year olds over the world looked into this question. What school practices made a difference for learners.

"Students who perform at Level 3 begin to demonstrate the ability to construct the meaning of a text and form a detailed understanding from multiple independent pieces of information when reading, can work with proportional relationships and engage in basic interpretation and reasoning when solving mathematics problems; and they can handle unfamiliar topics in science.

Resilience is therefore intended to capture the capacity of an individual to gain the set of skills and competencies that are essential to fully participate in society and have good chances to succeed in the labour market." 

To read more check out Russell Burt's amazing slides.

Transformational leadership

We all have to be leaders holding a shared vision.

Learn Ready kids become…... 
Explain Ready learners, become...
Employment Ready young people...

Our kids have great brains. They have an outstanding capacity to learn. We have to be critical players and expect that best because We can learn together. 

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