Monday, 7 May 2018

Language in Abundance-Dr Jannie van Hees

We know that language come in the forms of spoken and written. We must remember that both forms of language are important. We make sure our learners are exposed to a number of novel text that engage learners in a new meaningful vocabulary and grammar structures.

We are talking about Optimising Learning Conditions of Language.

Students need others language available to them. Students trying out language.
We often get a lot of language from children and this is coming at the expense of others providing meaningful language that then limits what they can draw on.

All the things we know we have learnt from others. We have had loads of exposure to language and to the knew. We need to gift them new in noticing ways. We often dig and dig into students prior knowledge we need to shift our focus to build. We should be gifting 60/40 extracting.

These are the three key ideas in building language learning.

Focus 1: Optimising learning and interactional conditions.
Focus 2: Elaborative style to pedagogical responses.
Focus 3: Scaffolding Learners to become effective conversationalists.
Focus 4: Planning, Preparing, Providing

We as teachers need to make sure these three focuses are active in this learning. We need to catch the learners and make sure that engagement is happening. We can go this through more and more peer sharing.

I believe that this is something that I have to do more of. We need to have high expectations.

The learner has to make responsibility as well they have to be attending. They have to put in the effort.

We want to make sure that students see and feel they are support each others learning.

Before engaging learners in video content you may remind them of the learner conditions Notice and Focus and tell them to caught what you can. When using video a lot of the language is not always noticed. Providing a transcript and using multimodal and foregrounding the language and they are involved in the language.

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