Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Manaiakalani Teacher-2017 Case Studies

We are privileged to have the wonderful researchers sharing back with us today about some of the amazing teacher in Manaiakalani doing incredible things that are accelerating shift.

They looked at the way in which teacher were Creativity, Innovation, Making learning connections, Critical thinking. 

They shared Examples of Generating and Using Tasks:
  • Teacher are deliberately looking thinking in their task-This was done in a number of ways including, multimodal text, using thinking structures and scaffolds. 
  • Teacher offered students choice-This was occurring digitally. 
  • Wide and deep task design -Templates developed to this idea. This includes using templates which allow students to engage with the language of wide and deep. They also continued to develop these tasks as they classes changed and their needs changed.  
  •  Reflection, plenary, learning evidence-Students reflecting on their own learning and their achievement. 
  •  Opportunities for collaboration in both Learning and Create-Students using and creating tools collaboratively which they later shared. 
  • Conferencing and differentiation-Teacher were deliberately using digital tools to guide and enable conferencing and differentiation. 
  •  Teacher were making DLO to learners to support learner-Creating DLO to support their learning. 
  • Activities that were revent to and supported students reading-Using a range of text to support students reading ability. 
Next steps: 

One thing the research of found was that these teacher were using a lot of wonderful scaffolds however there was not a lot of with drawing of the scaffold. This meant that students were not have as much control over. It is about perhaps as teacher providing the opportunity for student to select and create their own scaffolds.

We need to keep thing more, can we do more critical thinking, can we do more creativity, make the links between learning more connected. 

The biggest challenge they gave us was can we move student away from just persenting what they found but not it into a context. 

Examples of Generating and Using Text
  • Making links and connections beyond the learning this day/week/year etc-Using multiple language and connecting with real problem in the classroom. 

  • Creating and sharing multimodal texts set-teachers have used a range of ways in connecting students with multiple texts. 

  • Materials tailored to a range of learning needs-This could be paired DLO creation, Teacher having a google hangout with his class, this created a recorded so it became rewindable. 

Next Step:
What are the important things for student and should the teachers deciding on these before hand with their comprehension questions. We have to consider what challenge looks like at different year levels. 

Generating and Using Extra Time
The original research look at the affordances so this study aimed to add to what we already knew. 

One example I particularly was talking about students booking in to see the teacher for a 5 min slot. Students had to manage themselves to choose. 

  • A digital modelling book for writing students write into one doc and this doc is then used for feedback and sharing. 

  • Making reading and writing links evident. 

  • Making sure the buttons stay the same through the year and perhaps considering how we make the sites context from year to year. 

Next Step:
How are we making the most of that time. Can we use blogs to demonstrate the learning process and (metacognition). 

It was wonderful hearing from the researchers about some of the creative and amazing teachers. I can't wait to connect with the amazing teachers who have done this work. 

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