Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Ideation-crazy 8s

One of my favourite activities from our MIT Hui was the crazy eights. In this activity we were encouraged to think big and explore many different approaches to solve our identified problem. We were encourage to put aside the possible barriers and think big while focussing on our problems and ways in which we might effectively address this problems of the learners who face it.

I found this activity challenging as we often become stuck in our thinking as educators particularly when we have spent a lot of time developing one approach. It is however the ideas that come from thinking outside the box that are often the most innovative and effective. So give crazy eights a try for your inquiry and see what wonderful ideas you come up with to solve your problem.

This were my crazy eight ideas. I then reserved feedback from the group I was with in the way of stickers. You can see from the photo below that the feedback was mixed leaving me perhaps with more question than answers but this made is necessary for me to go back to the problem and consider which of these approaches will be best for my learners in my context and of course with the resources I have.


  1. Love the idea of trying to get out of your traditional patterns of thinking. Wondering what other sources of feedback you might seek about these ideas.


    1. Kia Ora,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I have been talking to a number of colleagues including my co-teacher and other teacher with similar inquiries and have gain some great feedback from this. I have also begun talking the the kids about the way we do maths and what they think would work best for them and their learning. I hope to also gain insight from parents as well but I am still looking for the best way to do this. I am also very open to any suggestions you might have as to other sources of feedback.
      Thank you very much for your feedback.