Friday, 4 November 2016

PRT sites

In New Zealand beginning teacher in there first two years of teaching have provisional registration. Part of the process of working through provisional registration is check a record of learning that aligns with the practicing registered teacher criteria. You need to be able to effectively explain and provide evidence to show that you meet these criteria to become full register.

Some teachers see this can be a challenge but it doesn't have to be. Just like we get our learners to keep a record on their teaching through google drive and blogging our PRT criteria are a record of our learning as teachers. I keep my PRT information on a google site and use embedded google docs to make work flow easier.  This not only helps me to meet the legal requires but it is a record I can add to forever and refer back to when ever I need to.

I have also started labelling posts on my blog which specific teaching criteria to help me collect my evidence more effectively. This is something you need to keep on top of as most blog post about teaching and learning will link with a criteria.

The best thing about my PRT site is it is special and specific to me. It all make it easy for my mentor to see how I believe I meet each criteria and see which areas I still need help in. Below is a screenshot of how I have personalised my PRT site so that it is mine and I am proud of it.

I highly recommend using a google site as a home for your PRT information as it is practice and easy to share.

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