Friday, 21 October 2016

Connecting at digital immersion

This year we have connected with other beginning teachers each term. Today was our last digital immersion meeting with other beginning teachers.

Our focus today is around Visibility enables accelerated shift, this is important for our priority learners. For priority learners one years progress in a year is just getting older not moving forward.

We need to engage learners in the learners process is central acceleration. Hooking learners into learning, so that they are engaged with the curriculum. Engagement supports learners and teachers to have a productive and supportive learning experience.

How do our learners connect with their learning?
Everyone in the world is an individual. We all have a way that we learn new information. It might be that we learn best by talking to others, by listening, by exploring, by watching and so much more. This is why it is so important to provide multimodal learning experiences so that all learner can connect in a way that works for them.

Multiple texts
Learners can access text written for adults, written or for scientists. This takes away the ceiling for learners, they link these difficult texts to easier text and use their search knowledge to unpack ideas. They can build a wider understanding of a topic and see an idea from a range of perspectives. When teaching learners to do engage with multiple texts, start with a scaffolded text (one learners can connect with), then complimentary  text to build knowledge and tension texts, then learner can self select texts to continue to build knowledge.

Here are some examples of multimodal  and multi textual ideas.
Click the image to view the presentation to see some amazing multimodal resources.

Today we created a multimodal site to promote critical thinking and engaging with a range of texts. For this task I focused on extending the science learning of one of my top reading group. The focus of this site is DNA and how DNA is used to solve crimes. 
This was and interesting topic to find resources for and I am still looking for the best materials. 

Here is am image of how far my site has gotten so far. 

As I continue to develop my skills in teaching multi textually my aim is to provided more options and opportunities to explorations. This will support learners to extend their ideas have ownership.  

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  1. Thanks for this detailed reflection on the day Clarelle. Your learning design looks engaging and fascinating. I will be interested in hearing how it goes after you have introduced it to your learners.