Friday, 16 September 2016

Keynote: more than just a presentation tool

Google slides is a great tool for making presentations and collaborating however it can be limiting with the things it is able to do.

Keynote allows you to add more detail to presentations, be creative and do more. It can also be used to create animations or images, backgrounds and headers for sites or blogs.

As with any product it is good to make sure that the program will do what you want. This means going into preferences and make sure the program does what you want, in here you can set font size or the theme that opens when you open keynote, I suggest white as then you can be creative and do things your way.

One of the great things I learnt way about how to add a magic move to a keynote.

This video explains the process really well. This move is very effective with images and I am excited to see how I can use it in the future with words.

I also created a short animation with keynote for my inquiry presentation on Monday. I did this by duplicating slides and moving images to create moving images. I will share this on my blog with my inquiry post on Monday.

Keynote is a great presentation skill which I hope to use more. 


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your animation with your Inquiry on Monday. Keynote is one of my 'mother tongue' apps, so I was pleased to see everyone getting absorbed by the possibilities as they explored this app on Friday.

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