Friday, 9 September 2016

Critical Friends

As teachers we always need critical friends. Other teachers to provide honest feedback that pushes you to do more. To ask questions that helps us to rethink ideas and build on them.

I'm am extremely lucky that I have so many kind, supportive and critical teaching friend who always help me to be the best I can be.

This week I have been very busy editing my film festival movie. This has been a big challenge for me as I want it to be perfect but I know that perfect is not a kind or fair expectation to set. With the help and support of my critical friend my movie has evolved over the week into something that shows the best in my learners. It is a movie that is for them and that I am excited for them to share next term.

At our MDTA day today we learnt more about ubiquitous learning. Learning that can happen anywhere, anytime, at anypace and from anyone.

This week I have been a ubiquitous learner, often coming up with the best ideas outside of the 9-3 classroom hours. Gaining learning from my teaching colleagues, my learner, my family and friends. Working at school, at home, in the library or even as a passenger in the car. Somethings took me a long time to work out while other were in the moment decisions.

Editing this film has really made me think about the way learning is continuous and that when you think about things in different places and at different time you have different ideas. As I consider my own learning it makes me think of my learners. How can I provide more support for them to become ubiquitous learners?

My ideas:
Access: making sure my learner all know how to access their Google account at know and that this is a great thing to do.
Support: you can comment and ask for help at home. I may not respond straight away but I will respond.
Site: remind the learners that all there work is on the site if they miss a day they can catch up at home, encourage this.
Family: provide family with these same messages and encourage them to comment on blogs and support their child.

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  1. Awesome post Clarelle! I totally agree that critical friends are so important and can really help us see things in different ways so that ultimately our learners will benefit even more. In the words of Steven Anderson, "Along we are Smart, Together we are Brilliant"! Really enjoying following your journey through your blog :)