Saturday, 4 June 2016

Google Class OnAir

This week at our MDTA day we learnt about Manaiakalani Google class On Air. We looked at how these are records. I continue to be amazed by the way that these teachers are making learning visible and sharing good practice. It is awesome watching teachers share what they are doing to engage and inspire learners.

If you haven't check out google class On Air yet you really should: Here is a link

As I think about how this apply to my own practice I realise more and more that this practice is good for the teacher, their learners and the profession. For teachers the ability to put out their what they are doing, get feedback is powerful. As learners in these classes traffic is directed to their blogs so they get more of an authentic audience.  This also helps the profession because it puts out a positive image of teachers, it allows for sharing of ideas and an example for teachers in training to watch and reflect on.

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