Thursday, 23 June 2016

Filming troubles

This week we set out to start filming an interview describing our experience so far as part of the MDTA program.  Danni and I decided to film outside at the university campus. At first we thought this was a great Idea. We set up in an area with a table to sit at and trees as a backdrop.

But the disaster stuck... Maybe that is a little over dramatic. As we were filming sorts of things started happening around us, Vans, cars and even trucks pulled into to a near by parking lot. Birds screeched as loud as they possible could and people can by talking.  And with all the noisy and disruption the sound from our video was ruined.

We ended up calling it a practice and re-filming in a quite class after the children had left.

So now that we have our footage it is time to edit out the funny moments like this one.....

Check back next week for my interview movie.


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  2. Total sympathy for the attempt to film outside. You may recall my Summer Selfie series on Learn Create Share that I did camping at the beach over Summer. You would think that would be blissful paradise with total serenity. Who knew that Tuis could drive you batty, cicadas, water pump, water fights etc etc? I am a believer in green screen for the interview with real outside footage in the back ground! Unless you have super expensive sound gear of course.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. We opted for classroom walls as a backdrop in the end. I did consider a green screen but decide by the time I add photos and video of the kids hopefully you won't see to much of me just sitting and talking.