Friday, 11 June 2021

Professional reading: T-Shaped Literacy


T-Shaped literacy is something I have been familiar with for some time. Rereading the article made me reflect on how I could and should be using this idea better. 

The key thing were: 
  • Wide reading is essential to vocabulary acquisition. 
  • A quote that really spoke to me from this research was "We also hypothesised that a condition for  acceleration of students of any ages is the opportunity to “do harder stuff sooner” in their  schooling."
  •  I found it interesting that this research found that "our observation data did suggest that much classroom talk focused more on the strategies that  students used for reading, than on the ideas that emerged from those texts"
What does this mean for me.
  • I have been trying to connect texts at every level through a share idea and bringing this discuss to the class.
  • I believe even more mileage and diversity of texts may be needed to extend my learners.

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