Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Maths, So what?

If we think about Maths and what we have been doing. Do we feel it is achieving all we want for our learners?
Many of our learners need physical materials to connect with the problems they are facing and teacher scaffolding to understand how to use these materials.

We want to maintain all the good things we have learnt in the last 2 years in DMiC the use of open, challenging problems but develop more scaffolding, structure and connection to the progressions. 
As we look into this more we will develop a stronger picture of all the curriculum levels and what it means when creating an OTJ for learners. 

We had many positive things from DMiC:
The power of group norms for all learning areas. 
We were challenges about culturally responsive practice.
We were challenged about the view of ability groups. But we must remember that it is not all or nothing. We must remember to think about who could belong well with whom and work well with whom. We want children to experience working in many different ways. 

Now that we have things that we know work we need to have a scope and sequence for our learning. After looking at the many the team leaders and SMT decided we would use these New Zealand Curriculum Maths Connecting all the Strands. 

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