Thursday, 14 March 2019

Selecting the challenge

2. Describe how and why you have selected this challenge of student learning. Locate your inquiry in the context of patterns of student learning in Manaiakalani overall. 

I selected the challenge of lifting writing achievement due to a number of factors. The first the identified need of the students in this area both from their writing samples from last year and more anecdotal evidence such as their struggle to spell unknown words, their speed of writing and quality and quantity of writing we are seeing in class.  

The second factor was a reflection on my own practice. Over my four years of teaching my shift in writing as not matched the level of accelerated shift I have achieved in reading. I am also aware that this is an area of my practice I have not yet inquired into. 

In terms of the Manaiakalani Data, I know that writing is an area that as a whole we do very well in. We have had many teachers across the cluster inquire into this and I know that drawing on these inquiries will strength my practice. However much like the data shows for the cluster many of our struggling writers are boys and lifting these students along with their female peers is very important to all of us. 

I also see this as a connected inquiry in that drawing on the learning that I make and changes I make in writing will lead to reflections and changes in my reading program as it is clear from my earlier post that my students have a need in both areas and My students needs come first. After all we inquiry to become better teachers so that we can accelerate student learning. 

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