Thursday, 1 November 2018

Opening Manaiakalani & Outreach Principals Wananga 2018

Today I am at a very special event. We had the opportunity today to come together with teachers, leaders and passionate in what they do as teachers.

We are so privileged to have partners who support us as clusters through financial support, research support, all the families and people who make this possible.

Today we are celebrating all the people that are Manaiakalani by making connections. Today is about making friends and staying friends when we leave here today to make the connections last, so we can make it work.

Why we do this is for because we want our learners to be out there. Playing the game with style, passion, as themselves.

We have been on this journey now for sometime and we are clear in our ambition. Clear in using the data to inform positive change and innovation.

We want the learning journey that communities want to be in the forefront of education and consider what we do to make this possible when it does not match what they Ministry of Education goals for that community. We are lucky in New Zealand to have a government who are willing to listen and hear and see what is going on in Education and notice the shift being made in Manaiakalani.

Change, accelerated shift is not possible without Manaiakalani teachers throughout New Zealand, who collaborate together, accept challenges and innovating and finding what works.

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