Thursday, 6 September 2018

Co-Teaching a privilege and an honour

As teachers we are always so focused on student learning. Our inquiry focuses on the needs of the children and how we can address these. We are always looking at, talking about and using data to support make sure we are doing all we can to support students learning.

I have blogged about this a lot, so this blog post will be different.

I wanted to reflect on some of the big changes that have happened for me over the last 3 years and what impact they have had on how I teach and particularly how I teach with others.

2016: This was a year of new for me, a year of intense learning with MDTA, working in a shared space with 2 other teachers and of course learning to teach and learn using digital technologies to enhance learning. This year was huge but in the all the learning I took in so much but didn't nessairly have time to process it all and see just how far I had come. 

2017: This year was still very busy but I see it as the year of time. Of course I am a teacher so there is never enough time but this year I worked in a single cell class and had time to apply to skills I had learnt and had time to process the huge amount of skills I had learnt and really find out who I am as a teacher. 

2018: This year I feel like a co-teacher! I feel that within our two teacher space we work as almost one. Sharing everything, asking questions and most of all learning together and from each others. It is strange how much you can learn in three years. But I know that my journey this given me the skills, passion and ability to co-teach and learn. 

What I believe are the key things to co-teaching: 
  • Know who you are as the teacher. 
  • Know what you bring. 
  • Notice the what your co-teacher brings
  • Take every chance to learn
  • Take every chance to teach together and have a shared voice. 
  • Be honest and open, ask questions and discuss issues. 
This year I am privileged to work with a Chrissy who has a passion and eye for art. As a result of our Co-teaching I have become an art teacher and my passion for teaching art has grown. I hope that you have the chance to Co-teach and learn together with the wonderful teachers around you. Even if they are not in the class with you every day make the most of what they bring because we are stronger together. 

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