Friday, 10 November 2017


As you will know if you have read my earlier blog post this year I have been working towards completing my dissertation in order to gain by honours degree i
n teaching. This has not been an easy journey for me particularly as the year has gone. However I am so proud of the research I have produced.


My research found that in my classroom targeted fluency teaching improved reading fluency for my learners. I also discovered some issues around self-assessment and noticed that this needs to be extremely well scaffolded.

Being both a researcher and a teacher this year has put a critical lense on my teaching and made me more reflective than ever. It is interesting to look back and thing does the outcome match the purpose and if not why. And surprisingly you often find that as you do this additional information comes to light, which then guide your future teaching.

Handing in my dissertation was a big moment for me and I am so grateful to my research supervisor Rachel for all her support and encouragement, but also to all the teachers around me who also supported me in this journey.

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