Monday, 13 March 2017

Blogging is Rewindable too!

Today we had a wonderful staff meeting in which we build on our knowledge about rewindable learning from last year. This year we discussed how our blogs and the blogs of our learners can be made more rewindable by using labels effectively.

This year I used Labels for my learners these are: Maths2017, Writing 2017, Reading2017. I think it could be better for the learners in the future if I divided up these labels to make it Reading,  2017 so that they can have a full record of reading and what they did in 2017.

Another thing we discussed was how to make sure that the feedback we give in Doc is rewindable by putting them on the blog. We discussed perhaps using Google keep to keep these comments and add them to the blog so that they can be reflected back on.

One of the things that happened during the Summer Learning Journey was that dialogic conversation happened on the learners blogs. Can we realistically get this dialogic discussion happening digital with our teachers given our busy lives? I hope so but I am not so sure watch this space.

Audience, Learners knowing that they have an audience and who they are important. This is built for our learners through twitter feeds that automatically tweets their post.

Blogger Tips

Schedule posts
This can help to keep our class blog alive so that the wider world can still connect with us.
Keeping a blog up to date is important we need to JUST DO IT!
Can you get the kids to email the post to blogger?

Blog Layout
When it comes to your landing page what do you see? Can you get to old post? Can you see the comments so see who is engaging with you?

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