Friday, 20 May 2016

Creating with iMovie

This weeks Digital immersion day focused on creating movies using iMovie. We learnt the basics of iMovie and then created our own movie to show a day or week of learning in our classroom. My video is an example of a day in the Pavilion and some of the amazing ways that our learners learn.

It was exciting using iMovie and I have learnt a lot about iMovie but I still have lots more to learn.


  1. Pleased to see you continuing to develop your film making skills. You have lots of support available from experts at Pt England as well as through the MDTA team, so squeeze all you can out of them/us!

    1. Thank you Dorothy. I will definitely be tapping all the experts around me as I continue to develop my iMovie skills.

  2. Great breakdown on what a day at Pt England looks like Clarelle! Nice work here!

  3. This is very clever Clarelle. Depicts nicely a day of your learner. Look forward to future creations!