Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Northland Digital Fluency Intensive

Today I was privileged to spend the day with the wonderful people at the Northland Digital fluency Intensive. We talked about the importance of CONNECT and how we can gain so much by connecting with others and build on and learning from each other.

If we are all paddling the Waka the same way we can achieve great things.

I really enjoyed sharing this will these wonderful teachers who I hope to stay connected with for a long time.

Throughout the day we worked on sites and I shared this presentation with them.

It was so wonderful seeing them take all we had talked about and achieve their goals on their class sites. I am starting to see some wonderful visible learning and great thinking about why they are using their sites and what they want to do next.

I feel so humbled having watched and helped these teachers tackle their site problems and find creative and clever solutions that make their site easier to use for their students.


  1. What a privilege it was to have you join us today. I truly appreciate the support and guidance you gave me today, and I look forward to sharing and collaborating with you in the future. Your passion and enthusiasm was very evident throughout the day and I loved your presentation!

  2. Thank you so much Clarelle for being willing to leave your own class for the day and share your practice with the people in the North. I am sorry you had the bus journey home on the end of if. All the best for a great end to the week.